The Nelson Brothers Recording Sessions

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Guitar cases

Simon with Guild X500 guitar

Recording with an RCA mic

The Nelson Brothers jamming in London

The Nelson Brothers – cables at FX Rentals

Simon Nelson recording in Nashville

Steve Nelson in Nashville

Goldfrapp drummer Rowan Oliver in the studio with The Nelson Brothers

The Nelson Brothers in Kipper’s studio

Recording at FX Rentals

Recording at FX Rentals

The Nelson Brothers recording at FX Rentals

Simon’s guitar set up – Wales

Nick Lacey playing accordion – Wales

Wal Coughlan and Jim Russell in the drum booth

Steve Nelson on acoustic guitar

Steve in the vocal booth – Wales

Wal Coughlan and Jim Russell

Nick Lacey and Jim Russell recording in Wales

Wal eating breakfast with Missy the cat

Wal, Nick Lacey and Jim Russell

Simon Nelson in Kipper’s studio

Snare Drums

Simon and Steve Nelson recording at FX Rentals

Simon and Steve Nelson – FX Rentals

Steve Nelson red guitar

The Nelson Brothers Band: Ben Nicholls, Andrew Tween, Simon and Steve Nelson – Gateway Studios, London

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